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Beginning weight loss through Medifast

I've decided to do a series of blog posts, each week, dedicated to losing weight. After gaining 30lbs in the last five years, I've decided that it's time to stop gaining the weight and start losing it instead. A combination of too much good food, eating out, working a desk job, and general happiness have made me complacent. "Oh, it's only five pounds in a year, it'll be alright," was how it first started, then as the numbers grew higher and higher, I made more excuses and downplayed the potential health risks. I was happy and healthy - so what if I'd gained 20lbs over the years. I made numerous attempts to work out but as each time I started running, kickboxing, weight-lifting, etc. I'd get easily discouraged by how hard everything was compared to when I was thinner and healthier and enjoyed exercising a whole lot more. A mild form of depression settled in, as well as complacency, each year that I procrastinated and did nothing about it.

After turning 26 a couple of weeks ago I made a promise to myself, a goal, that I will be down to 115lbs by August 1st, 2012.

In order to do so, I've taken action: I've ordered MediFast and am excited to start dieting. I feel that for me, this is the best way to start out losing weight; I have no sense of portion control. I'm either full or hungry and continually stuff myself until I "feel" full. I'm determined to get my eating habits under control before I pick up exercising once more. The root of my weight gain are my eating habits so I'm determined to start out there this time as I've never felt the need to govern them before.

My goal for the next two months? Keeping a food journal and completing the MediFast diet.

Here's a recent picture of me and my sisters taken this past weekend. I'm the one wearing the black shorts and dark blue top.

Current height: 5' 2"
Current weight: 152lbs
Date: 4/16/2012

I'll be updating weekly as soon as I get Medifast shipments in.


Fluke, Limbaugh, Moribito

Nothing makes me sadder and angrier than reading or hearing about women slut-shaming other women. Isn't the world cruel enough and hard enough without women bashing on other women? Are we so lacking in common courtesy that one person cannot say to another - "I respectfully disagree with your opinion" - without nasty, hateful, vile words and epithets pouring forth? Every time I read the news, I feel a wider and greater divide between people. With each current event, each issue that crops up, there seems to be an ever increasing chasm formed from name-calling and hateful remarks that tear us apart from one another and reduces the man/woman/child in front of us into nothing more than a statistic or an opponent that one must best. In these dark days, the slim bridge of goodwill and courtesy that is capable of bridging this gap seems to no longer be found.

Oh boy...

Writer's block has me stymied lately. I really need to get down to business and just start writing. I have a million and one ways to write this out - so much so that I should probably start writing instead of shooting off my mouth. Back to the grindstone...

Hooray, I'm live on LiveJournal!

Hey Hey,

I've always thought I should create an account on LiveJournal but I never got around to it.

Well, now that I have, I'm officially using this page as a sounding board for my writing.

I've got an account on Fanfiction.net under GongJu so if you're browsing my page, you should look it up. Currently working on chapter two of "The End Times" but I honestly think that I'm going to have to re-edit chapter one.

The pain in the arse perfection monkey is currently beating me over the head to redo the first chapter. It's funny but I'm actually kind of excited about working on it again.

So, here's to a hopefully successful attempt at writing.




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